3 Useful Network Marketing Books Every Online and Offline Marketer Should Read

We all live our lives online be it for business, social or educational purposes and with all of the info obtainable to us from ebooks, websites, blogs and forums it’s very simple to forget that there’s nonetheless a vast of helpful info within the ‘real world’.

Network Marketing Books are by no means an exception to this rule. With a lot of fantastic authors available writing extremely content rich Network Marketing Books for us all to read it could be difficult to determine which are worth buying and which to avoid. In this write-up I will tell you about just 3 books I have discovered to be very helpful indeed, and all at great costs as well!

1. Zen of Social Media Marketing – Is an extremely highly suggested book on Amazon written by Shama Kabani and Chris Brogan. This book will provide you with a simple to understand, non stressful technique to Social Media Marketing and advertising, nowadays this could be one of several fine forms of network advertising obtainable on-line and so some thing any substantial marketer should shell out time studying. Chris Brogan, who has written the forward, is truly an extremely respected individual on the planet of network advertising both offline and on. This book also comes with a web edition so you might be ready to access it anyplace and at anytime, even when utilizing the physical book is impossible for whatever cause.

2. New Rules of Marketing and PR – by David Meerman Scott is also extremely highly rated and however yet another have to have network marketing and advertising book for every marketer. David teaches his readers one of the most effective approaches to use today’s including a lot more typical world-wide internet sources like Instant Messaging Marketing and advertising, too Social Media and Blogging explaining how you are able to use every and each and make the most of the network marketing and advertising in a straightforward to comprehend format.

3. Content Rules – This book from Anne Handley goes on from David Scott’s book, She goes into massive detail on the very best approach to develop great content material for the blogs and web internet sites, content material that other individuals will have to study. Not merely does she talk about your weblog posts and articles, but additionally discusses Scripting for a podcast and Video’s. This book is a superb starting point for any network marketer both newbie and advanced.

Examine these network marketing books, they’re all worth while as a starting point for the coaching and making your enterprise successful. Regular coaching is essential to keep you up to date all the ever altering world-wide web.

When Science is Applied to Advertising and Marketing

1908 Kennedy must have been a hard act to follow.

But Lasker did replace him with a man who made an even greater overall contribution to the advertising world than Kennedy did.

Kennedy’s replacement was called Claude C. Hopkins.

And what a true pioneer he proved to be.

He’s the man who inaugurated free sampling, risk-free trials, money-back guarantees, market testing, and much more.

Hopkins agreed with Kennedy on the “Salesmanship on Paper” philosophy, but where Kennedy was a “one idea” man, Hopkins had many ideas.

Hopkins reckoned that just placing ads and seeing what happened was futile. Pure guesswork. He wanted to measure everything that he did.

And we should all be glad that he did.

Hopkins wrote only two books but both were classics. His first: “Scientific Advertising” written in 1923 contained many of his secrets that he found with his testing techniques. These secrets are still as valid today.

His second book, written in 1927, was an autobiography called: “My Life in Advertising.” Many regard this as the best advertising book ever written.

All top marketers regard Hopkins’ first book as their copywriting “how-to” bible.

And the late advertising great, David Ogilvy, had this to say about Scientific Advertising: “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read Scientific Advertising seven times it completely changed my life.”

Jay Abraham, known as America’s #1 marketing wizard, had this to say: “Claude Hopkins is the master of them all. His influence has easily added over $6m to my personal income ..and still counting.”

Hopkins created ad campaigns for many major US companies that are still going strong today. Companies such as Palmolive, Pepsodent, and Quaker Oats.

One of his secret strategies for creating more turnover for his clients was that of “pre-emptive” strikes.

By this strategy, he used to tell a story of how things were done in an industry and thus educate the customers. Any competitor could have told the same story but didn’t. and whoever did so first, gained the edge.

Hopkins stated in his books that a large part of advertising done at the time was based on the concept of: “Buy My Product” or “Come into My Store.” Lots of advertisers today make this same mistake. Are you one of them?

Customers are not fooled by this. They want to know: “What’s in it for me?”

Hopkins knew this and used this psychology to grow Van Camp’s pork and bean business. After his research, Hopkins found that 94% of housewives were baking their own beans at home and only 6% were buying canned beans.

But Hopkins realized that everybody advertising canned beans merely stated: “Buy My Brand.” Nobody explained what the benefit of their product was.

So, Hopkins ran an advertising campaign that explained how it took 16 hours to bake beans at home, and you could never make home baked beans digestible.

He talked about crispy beans on top and the mushy beans on the bottom. He also highlighted the process Van Camp’s used to select their beans, the soft water that they used, and how they made the skins less tough by removing the lime. He also emphasized the steam ovens where the beans were baked at 245 degrees in sealed containers so no flavor was lost. Then finally he offered a free sample so customers could compare.

This particular campaign became a huge success for Van Camps. Yet it was the very same process that all the manufacturers could have told. But they didn’t.

Here’s another famous story from Claude Hopkins which you may have heard of:

Schlitz Beer were ranked 5th. in their share of the market. That was, until they hired Hopkins to do his makeover.

Hopkins’ campaign took Schlitz from that 5th. spot to equal 1st. spot in just a few months.

What Hopkins did in these two examples and all the others he created, was educate people. The same is true today.

You cannot over-educate people.

Now maybe you’re still thinking, anything from as long ago as the beginning of the last century can’t possibly work today.

Then think again.

1908 Walter Dill Scott produces another classic on advertising: “Psychology of Advertising.” Maxwell Sackheim said this about this classic manuscript: “The only book on advertising I read as a youth was written by Professor Walter Dill Scott of North Eastern University and was titled: “The Psychology of Advertising.” l still think it is one of the finest books ever written on the subject and that his formula for successful advertising has never been surpassed.”

1911 Kennedy returns to Lord and Thomas as a freelance copywriter.

1911 Proctor and Gamble pay JWT to launch Crisco, its new vegetable shortening.

1911 Standard Oil , dissolved by the courts, invites Harrison King McCann to form an agency to service its disbanded divisions.

1911 Woodbury Soap launches its “The skin you love to touch” campaign. The first time “sex” appeal was used in advertising.

Around this time, copywriting started to become a “trade.” Many new copywriters appeared and agencies like Lord and Thomas actually set up copywriting schools.

Some great sales copy by some great writers started to show.

How To Plan A Successful Advertising Campaign

Making a brand to the market or introducing a new product to the market can be a challenge. Marketing and advertising are necessary to reach out to the right people so that they can buy the product or come for the services that you have to offer. A company or a new brand can take ages to get known in the market without proper advertising. Technological development has made it possible to reach out to the market with ease. This is especially thanks to the different methods of marketing and advertisement easily reaching out larger numbers within a shorter period of time. But how can you plan for an advertising campaign that is a success?

Start by specifying the target audience

An advertisement campaign that is not directed to anyone or any group in particular has a high risk of failing. This is especially since the target audience can determine the mode of advertisement that works and appeals to them. The target audience is easy to determine with a product and service. You can then relate to factors that will appeal the most to make the campaign a success for you. This is the most important consideration when planning an advertising campaign.

Choose the right advertisement method

Advertisement methods differ from flyers, billboards, radio and TV commercials, print media and even social media among many others. The method you choose should be one that will effectively reach out to the masses and more especially the target audience. The method that you settle for can determine the amount that you need to run a campaign that is successful. It makes it important to have an advertisement budget at hand to make sure that what you choose is something that you can afford for a period of time that will be enough to get your message out there.

Choose the right content

An advertisement can be made up of video, audio, text and images. The method that you have settled for will largely determine the content of the advert. When choosing the content, make sure that it is precise and to the point. It should also have visual appeal to keep the interest of the targeted audience. For instance, boring content will never hold the interest of the readers to the end of the advert. You should therefore choose content that will attract attention and maintain it to the end to stir the right reaction from the target audience.

Advertising looks like an easy thing to do. The truth however is that there are greater risks of running a campaign that ends up as a waste. It is important to strategize and make all important considerations. Apart from employing the services of advertising, you can go for advertisement books online. The free books will give you all the insight you need in making the right decision with your campaign. The possibility to download books that you love is always there and you will have something to refer to whenever the need arises.